A Small Business Gift Guide: Our Favorite Small Businesses We’re Buying From This Holiday Season
This year, we're choosing to be intentional in our gift giving. It's been quite the year and we want our gifts to make an impact. We love Amazon & the big box stores just as much as all of you, but one of the ways we can choose to be more intentional in our...
The 12 Essential Items Every Working Mom Needs to Add to Her Baby Registry
Curating the perfect baby registry became an obsession of mine during pregnancy. If we’re being real, I’ll confess that my obsession peaked during my first pregnancy, most likely due to my lack of parental responsibilities and abundance of time during that season of...
5 Tips for the Working Mom Who is Dreading Her Return to Work
It’s the moment you’ve been dreading since you held your baby in your arms for the very first time. Your maternity leave is ending which means this is one of the last precious maternity leave moments with just you and the tiny person who has become the center of your...
To the Working Mom After Her First Day Back Following Maternity Leave
Imagine me sitting across from you, sipping a warm cup of coffee, and giving you a big hug. Today was a big day - your first day back at work following maternity leave - and you’re probably feeling ALL THE FEELS right now.  Some of you may have had a great day....
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