Being a mother is transformational. It totally rocks your world in the best way possible, but it also gives you eyes to see things from a different lens.

Curiosity suddenly beckons and grace abounds. You are suddenly connected at a deeper level with your fellow females at a level of deep admiration that surprises even yourself.

You feel powerful, strong, and are fully convinced that women hold the power to change the world.

The lens of motherhood sees people differently 

When I became a mom, it was almost as if the lens through which I saw the world turned a different shade. Everything in life now seemed different.

No longer was the homeless man on the corner a random stranger to whom I gave a passing glance. Rather, he was someone else’s grown up baby who was desperately alone. 

The older woman moving slowly through the grocery store aisles due to an aging body was actually a powerful body that had birthed life, rocked babies, and held little hands year after year.

The mom dancing with her son at his wedding wasn’t just a mother of the groom dressed in a beautiful gown. Rather, she was a woman experiencing a milestone moment right before my eyes as she held her baby son in her arms for one last time before he embarked upon his own family journey. 

The lens of motherhood sees compassion in the midst of chaos

Even the lens through which I saw fellow parents in my own stage of parenthood was altered. Truth be told, prior to becoming a parent, I saw many topics of parenting as black or white.

You either let your kid eat sugar or you didn’t. You either (magically) had well-behaving children at the grocery store or you didn’t. And if you didn’t – that was likely due to some type of parenting mishap that could be swiftly corrected by reading the latest parenting book.

Oh. My. Goodness. What was I thinking? 

Then I became a mother, and my worldview was turned upside down. My judgmental spirit was replaced with compassion to see that everyone is really just trying their best in this often grueling and challenging adventure called life. 

The mom with the screaming toddler in Target? I’ve been that mom and I’ve felt the judgmental stares from strangers. So yes, I’ve handed my son a cookie to appease his cries for even just one moment until we can both successfully retreat from the masses back to our vehicle of refuge.

The young parents who can’t seem to carry on a conversation without constantly glancing at their waddling toddler? (A friend once coined the term “momversation” to describe the constant interruptions that take place while moms converse. So good, right?) Yep, I’ve been that person too, even despite my best intentions to give the person I was speaking with my full attention and respect. 

The lens of motherhood sees a bigger picture of what truly matters

Becoming a mother even changed my personality in ways that I didn’t expect. Before I was a mom, I had no problem staying late at the office to accomplish the task at hand (textbook enneagram 3 behavior). Then I became a mom and realized that time with my family will always be my top priority, rather than the project at hand. While I still care about my work, my family comes first.

As a mom, I’m learning to embrace agility, flexibility, and distraction as good gifts in this season of life, because I now have such a bigger picture of what truly matters.

When I’m in my rocking chair 60 years from now looking back on my life, I won’t regret not spending enough time at the office, but I will regret missing the bedtime story with my little blue-eyed boy whom I adore. 

This reprioritization has also extended to the people I do life with at work, in my community, and in my family. I now see that everyone has a story worth sharing and a heart worth knowing. 

The lens of motherhood sees the strength and sacrifice made by parents

And my view of my own parents – WOW! Motherhood made me grateful beyond words for the sacrifices my parents have continually made for me and my sister throughout our lives. 

I now deeply understand the daily strength it takes to be an engaged, loving, and selfless parent – and I’m seriously blown away by the sacrifices my parents made for me.

I’m now very much aware of the hundreds of hours of sleep that I’ve cost my parents between newborn sleepless nights and teenage evenings that revolved around high school drama (sorry Mom & Dad).

The lens of motherhood sees unfathomable love through the eyes of faith

Then best of all, my faith was absolutely rocked in the best way possible. No longer did I only vaguely understand what it meant for a heavenly father to sacrifice his one and only son. Rather, I now realize through my limited view what this gesture of love displayed.

How heartbreaking of a decision to send your only perfect son to die for people that hadn’t (and may never) accept your love in return? Truly unbelievable love. 

Conclusion: The lens of motherhood is truly something good

So now when friends tell me that they’re expecting or adopting, I’m still so truly excited for them in all the ways I was before, but even more, I’m excited for who they will become in their own personal journey of motherhood. 

Because who they are today is good, but who they will become when they lock eyes on the precious baby they’ll call their own is something something very, very good. What a gift this journey of motherhood is. 

In what ways did becoming a mom change your life? How has becoming a mom changed you personally?